Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ital Food Bruschette Maretti Italian Ham Flavour

Another tasty snack from the new and improved local food shop. And they seem to have quite a selection of these Bruschette from Bulgarian (I think) company Ital Food.

Excellent. Because I really liked this crunchy little crispy snack. Quite a lot of breakages in this packet, not sure that's a good sign but maybe it is just this particular packet, but lots of very tasty flavour dust. And I loved the taste. I thought it was very true to the advertised flavour. Italian Ham. Yum. And Dutch taste tester liked this a lot too.

However, Noble Friend and I think it was Tall Elegant taste tester didn't like the taste at all. Noble Friend said the taste was far too strong. And overwhelming.

I expect Noble Friend wouldn't have cared for the aroma either if she had sniffed the bag. I was really impressed; the aroma was the same as the taste. Now, you might say how silly, of course this crispy snack smells the same as it tastes. But not silly at all. It is remarkable how many crispy snacks smell quite unpleasant when you open the packet. Don't try smelling your packet of crisps unsupervised unless you are an experienced taste tester.

I spotted the Chairman taste tester sneaking a tasty morsel from the kitchen as he passed by and worried a little as I know he keeps quite strict kosher. But luckily I am fairly sure this crispy snack is vegetarian. The ingredients are mostly in languages I don't speak and probably never will but there is a little sticky label in tiny type which does not list ham. Just ham flavouring.

A very nice crispy snack. I look forward to trying other flavours. I think the reluctant taste testers do too.

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