Sunday, 10 July 2016

ROKA Gouda Cheese Bites

OK. I read the packaging really carefully and ROKA suggest you heat these cheese bites in the oven for 2½ minutes before starting to eat (AKA start crunching). So I'll try that now and be back in a bit.

Well that was quite some wait. Even so short a cooking time requires the oven to heat for what feels like an age. But I'm really not convinced that heating this snack for such a limited time (although would you want to do that for much longer?) makes a huge amount of difference to how you feel about this cheesy snack.

Tastily cheesy but quite a hard crunch. For some reason I really expected these Cheese Bites to have a soft and squishy inside: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. But no. They are just crunchy. Even after heating (which you kind of feel ought to make a difference.) And I found that rather disappointing.

It seems odd to feel cheated after trying a cheesy snack. It's just that for whatever reason you kind of expect (make that I kind of expected...) a soft centre - which you don't get. Probably because this crispy snack was never intended to have a soft centre. Expectations eh? Not always a good thing.

But again thank you very much ROKA for the fabulous food parcel they sent me from the Netherlands.

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