Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jilly Goolden Taste Testing Crisps in The Daily Mail

I don't quite know why I left this article from the Daily Mail lie around in my pile of stuff since November 2015. Possibly because my pile of stuff is lots and lots of bits of paper. And stuff gets lost.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, Jilly Goolden is a wine and food critic. She used to be a regular on the BBC TV show Food & Drink and was celebrated for her crazy descriptions of taste and aroma when she talked about wine. She is said to have described wine as tasting of grass clippings and compost heaps. Or possibly bonfires and wheelbarrows. Whatever, Jilly was famed for her innovative taste reviews. Obviously she was the person to go to for an unbiased view of crispy flavours. And here (in November 2015) The Daily Mail newspaper asked her what she thought of some of the more... unusual crisp flavours you can find these days.

So here's the link and then here's the scan of the printed page.

The reluctant taste testers and I have tried a number of these crisps. We've tried Burt's Thick Cut Guinness crisps;  Tesco Finest Hoisin Duck crisps; Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Hand Cooked Roast Turkey & Herb Stuffing crisps, and Marks & Spencer Pork, Sage & Scrumpy Cider Hand Cooked crisps. We have also tried Tyrrell's Hand Cooked English Crisps Summer Butter & Mint; Marks & Spencer Salt Marsh Lamb & Mint Hand Cooked crisps; Marks & Spencer Scottish Langoustines with Dill & Lemon crisps; and Tesco Finest Limited Edition Prosecco & Elderberry crisps. These last I found frankly disgusting and more like a child's sweet than a crisp. But you can read all our thoughts by clicking on the links.

Don't some of the names drag on forever? This list might as well be a menu in a swanky restaurant. Much as I enjoy trying fancy flavours of crisp I often come to the conclusion that a really good simple flavour is the way to go. Take a look at the Reluctant Taste Testers Recommend sidebar and you can see that almost all of our favourites are very simple flavours, in fact most of them are simply salted. 

Of course I don't imagine that will stop us trying lots more crazy flavours if we can find them, in fact I'm really sorry I haven't tried the Aldi Gin & Tonic crisps. They sound horrible! 1/10 is an amazingly low score so they are definitely worth a go if I can find a packet. Trouble is, I have no idea where my nearest Aldi is.

But I thought you might find this article interesting, and thanks to Tall Elegant taste tester for finding it. Because I don't read the Daily Mail and of course I missed it.

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