Friday, 29 July 2016

Kent Crisps Ashmore Cheese & Onion

These crisps are made with Ashmore Cheese: traditionally matured Ashmore farmhouse cheese (I wonder if "farmhouse" is a technical term?) made by cheesemakers of Canterbury. Apparently Jane the producer of Ashmore farmhouse cheese loves the full-bodied flavour of these crisps.

And they are pretty tasty. I have found some of the Kent Crisp flavours a little disappointing but this fancy version of cheese & onion is pretty good. Yes, very nice indeed.

It seems I left my camera at home the day the reluctant taste testers and I tried this very tasty crisp; so no photo of the actual crisps. But I recall a rich golden colour and lots of flavour dust.

And once again the Kent Crisp team have come up with a lovely packet design. All the packets are wonderfully designed and if I ever saw this on a supermarket shelf (remember I have only ever found them on a cross channel ferry) I am certain that they would stand out.

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