Thursday, 21 July 2016

Willy Chase's Fit Corn Cacao & Coconut

I'm fairly sure I saw this air popped popcorn at the Gloucester Services on the M5 and I didn't buy it because I thought this flavour sounded suspiciously nasty (I'm not a fan of coconut). However, Noble Friend went to Fortnum & Mason yesterday and bought this packet.

So instead of simply suspecting it might be nasty... we were able to test my theory.

Well, the packet is made of something that feels like a posh version of grease proof paper. No idea what it is, but it has a lovely matte texture and looks very smart. And the unusual chocolate brown of this packet was very carefully chosen for this particular popcorn.

The popcorn itself has a very unusual look. It's as though someone has sifted coco powder over it but obviously something more complex has gone on.

I have to admit the overpowering aroma of coconut (remember I really don't like it) put me off completely. In a cowardly fashion I couldn't bring myself to try. Tall taste tester tried one puffed kernel and flinched away. Most of the reluctant taste testers really didn't like this popcorn. However, Slightly Red Haired Bristolian taste tester said she thought it wasn't as nasty as she had been expecting.

I put some of the popcorn back in the bag for the Chef to try. He is a fan of coconut. And he ate about a handful, but even he was not that fetched. He remarked on the very strong aroma, and also pointed out that the popcorn isn't right.

All the reluctant taste testers have said, about all three of the Fit Corn flavours we have tried, that the corn is not properly popped. It isn't light and fluffy with a light quick bite. The Chef said he would have liked it better if the texture was better.

Sadly I don't think that air popping works for us. What a shame.

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