Sunday, 24 May 2015

Walkers French Fries Worcester Sauce

Another little packet of crisps found at Paddington Station. And another packet with the number of calories: 93. This packet has 21 g of crispy snack in it and 93 kcal. I've never studied calories so I have no idea if this is good or not. But I'm guessing it probably is.

I've tried Walkers French Fries before but only Ready Salted. So finding a little bag of the Worcester Sauce flavour is something of a triumph. This seems to be the sort of crispy snack found at airports and railway stations, or in little corner shops.

As we don't have many of any of these near where I live I stock up when and where I can.

So what do the Chef and I think? Pretty good actually. There's a lovely sharp something or other that contributes to the Worcester Sauce flavour: it's a secret recipe I'm sure so we have to go with ingredients like "Worcester Sauce flavour", "Flavour Enhancer" (that's MSG to you and me), dried garlic and tomato, and... so on. It's not a very clear recipe. But it certainly is a tasty recipe and there's a great after taste.

The French Fries still remind me of very long thin packaging peanuts or whatever they call themselves but luckily this snack is not made from expanded polystyrene. The sharpness of the flavour - maybe the umaminess (probably not a word) - seems to work very well with the texture.

The packaging includes an image of that little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly. But if you want to see him you will have to click on the Ready Salted link above because it's the same design. He's a lot thinner than usual.

The Chef & I rather liked this little packet of crispy snacks. We managed to eat the whole tasty (rather small) packet without really noticing. Which is surely an encouraging sign.

Actually, we liked the small size of the packet very much. It's good to have a small packet to try. I'm so fed up of having to buy gigantic bags of crispy snacks without knowing whether I'm going to like them or not. This is fine if you like what you've got, but if this is a taste test then a small packet is miles better.

I am including some photographs I took in the Oxford University Botanic Gardens which were looking beautiful this weekend. I read that this is one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world; founded in 1621 for "the glorification of the works of God and for the furtherance of learning". What a wonderful reason to found a garden, and how very nice to see such old gardens looking so pretty. Really, what more can you ask?

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