Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Jacob's Cheesonal Mini Cheddars Original

Cheesonal? Yes, I'm afraid so.

I found this tub of Cheesonal Mini Cheddars in the crisp cupboard left over from last Christmas. Don't worry. Christmas snacks always last for at least 6 months so trying this cheesy snack won't kill me or the reluctant taste testers. But still I thought we had better try them sooner rather than later.

Last Christmas (that's 2014) was all about shape in the world of crispy snacks. Cheeselets (usually square) turned into tree-shaped Treeselets, and Mini Cheddars (usually round) suddenly became bell- and snowman-shaped. There were also KP Cheese & Tomato Christmas Crackers in tree, bell and star shapes.

I am not fully convinced that bells and snowmen are the correct shapes to signify Christmas. After all, you get bells all year round. And in this country at least, you are more likely to build a snowman in January or February than at Christmas time. However, both bells and snowmen feature on endless greetings cards so I suppose that's that.

The Christmas Tree-shaped Treeselets seem more Christmassy but pondering other potential Christmassy shapes; perhaps Cheesonal Mini Cheddars in the shape of the baby Jesus wouldn't be very... tasteful?

The reluctant taste testers didn't have much to say but they finished a large bowl of these with no trouble at all. So I deduce that they were well received.

And I liked them. Pretty much just like the usual cheesy Mini Cheddar taste. Which is very tasty. But probably better if eaten in December in a more festive spirit.

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