Saturday 9 May 2015

M&S Hand Cooked Mature Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion

Another crisp flavour chosen by the Dutch taste tester for the small event we had at work this week.

And I looked at the packet and thought that I had tried these crisps and written about them some time ago. How annoying it is, I thought, when they change the packaging to confuse you into buying something again.

But no. In fact I'd not tried this particularly flavoursome mature cheddar crisp before.  I think I got muddled up with Kettle Chips Mature Cheddar & Red Onion (the packaging is a very similar colour and you ought to check my post just to see the amazing wood carving Kettle used to advertise this flavour). Or maybe I was thinking of Pret Mature Cheddar & Red Onion or even M&S Red Leicester & Spring Onion (not exactly the same thing but is an M&S flavour).

Which explains why I didn't photograph these lovely golden crisps before a flock of gannets (or perhaps a swarm of locusts) had descended.

And what lovely golden crisps they are. Lots and lots of amazingly cheesy cheddar flavour dust, the red onion is just a gentle touch, and a good crunch. Delicious.


  1. Gosh Georgina ~ you must be one of the world's greatest authorities on crisps. I think you should write a book . . .
    You have certainly found my Achilles heel ~ crisps !!

    Next time I am in M&S I shall look out for them . .

    Are Pringles within your remit ~ they are equally addictive and the inventor, presumably Mr Pringle, should have been shot . . . . I can just about walk by a shelf on the supermarket without caving in and buying one or two . . . :)

    1. By the time I got a book printed my reviews would be out of date! Anyway, for now at least, this is my book.

      Yes, there is one Pringles review here somewhere. But although I quite like them I don't like how wide they are. I always seem to cut the sides of my mouth trying to fit them in whole.

    2. lol . . . . I must have a big mouth . . no such problem . . . . :)