Thursday, 28 May 2015

KP The Real McCoy's Ridge Cut Mexican Chilli

I had quite forgotten that McCoy's call themselves "MAN CRISPS" and have an online pub with online darts.

But the packaging designer knows that these are man crisps and designs the packets accordingly. Mexican Chilli flavour has a rich brown packet. The Flame Grilled Steak flavour is a darker brown with grill marks on it. This is not a style of crisps for girlies.

However, being a girl myself (OK, grown up woman), I am interested to see what exactly makes these crisps MAN CRISPS.

The flavours are Thai Sweet Chicken, Sizzling King Prawns, Salted and BBQ Ribs, Flame Grilled Steak, Cheddar & Onion, and Salt & Malt Vinegar. I admit I'm not particularly attracted to most of these crisp flavours, but is this because I'm not a man? Are these especially manly flavours? I am a picky eater and don't fancy Thai food, and won't eat prawns. But I know plenty of girls who have a broader idea of tasty food than I do.

It's a bit odd. And the deep ridges don't put me off either. Yes, they may be ridgier crisps than others but this difference is as nothing compared with the difference between ordinary chocolate and the Yorkie Bar which was marketed as a chocolate bar for men. Or even lorry drivers (obviously stronger and manlier than mere company director or premiership footballer style men). It had such thick chocolate you had to have teeth like a hippopotamus to bite thorough it, never mind the teeth of man.

These crisps have a lovely dark golden colour and loads of tasty flavour dust. The ridges are deep and the crunch is good. Some of the reluctant taste testers told me they thought the chilli flavour would be too strong - but it wasn't. One of the least enthusiastic testers told me enthusiastically that she rather liked them. Which is a pretty strong endorsement.

Tasty certainly. And surprisingly good. We liked this little 50g packet. And thanks to the (not actually on a corner) corner shop in Oxford next to the (on the corner) pub where I had lunch on Saturday for selling them.

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