Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ha'emek Snacks Bugsy Falafel Wheat Snack

What a tiny packet of crispy snacks! It's about 4.5" square! And only 20g. In fact, it's so tiny I wonder if this packet wasn't created specially to go in children's party bags. And I hope I have the name correct as I do not have the assistance of Giraffe Fan taste tester just now. If you know better; let me know.

The Graffiti Artist (who happens to be staying this week) really likes the design of this packet; he thinks it's great, but wants to know why it's called Bugsy.... not Buddy. Because don't you think this little guy in glasses looks a lot like Buddy Holly?

Anyhow, these weird little worm-style crispy snacks taste a lot like falafels. Which is great because that's what they're supposed to taste like. They really have quite a hard crunch but are weirdly moreish. The Tall taste tester was quite taken with them.

Do you suppose worm-style is a technical term? I wonder what crisp technicians call this sort of snack?

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