Thursday, 4 August 2016

Ital Food Bruschette Maretti Mixed Cheese

And... yes yet another of these Bruschette from Bulgaria!

Yes, yes, I know it can all get a bit monotonous for you but, well if you don't try them while you can sometimes crispy snacks disappear into the blue. Sometimes, indeed, whole shops that used to sell a delightful selection of crisps and crispy snacks can disappear into the blue. So grab your opportunity while you can because you might miss out otherwise.

I'm not sure the cheesy taste of this cheesy crispy snack is very real, and not really made out of actual cheese. And I have no idea what kinds of cheese it might possibly involve. The packet shows some Brie maybe, some Emmental or Gruyere perhaps, and a blue cheese. But it's kind of a pretence cheese taste. But what can I say? It's a very tasty cheesy crispy snack and I think all the reluctant taste testers rather enjoyed it.

Pretence taste? Who cares. We enjoyed this crispy snack.

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