Friday, 19 August 2016

Lorenz Crunchips Spare Ribs Roasted Geschamck

Taste the Adventure! says the packet in great big "wild west" style writing. Neu!

So we have here a new crisp flavour from Germany (the last packet of Crunchips I tried came from Poland - or I was pretty sure they did) but these crinkle cut crisps are German.

And what do Lorenz think their German snacking audience will like? Spare Ribs flavour. Roasted spare ribs, so not a barbecue flavour.

Entdecke ein Stuck Freiheit und Deine Lust  am Abenteuer mit den neuen CRUNCHIPS ROASTED: Deftiger Wellenschnitt und herrlicher Grillgeseschmack von herzhaft marinierten Spare Ribs. Probiere auch Chrunchips Roasted Smoky Paprika und BBQ Sauce!

Discover a piece of freedom and your desire for adventure with the new Crunchips ROASTED: Hearty shaft section and delightful barbeque Gese taste of hearty marinated spare ribs. Try also Chrunchips Roasted Smoky Paprika and BBQ sauce!

Not quite sure that google translate has exactly the meaning of this blurb on the back of the packet, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Dutch taste tester, Tech, and Slightly Red Haired Bristolian rather enjoyed this crispy crunchy crinkle cut crisp. I was expecting Tech taste tester to be a fan as I know he really enjoys meaty crisps. He said he wasn't sure he could detect roasted spare ribs here, but was happy to eat quite a lot of the packet.

And me? To be honest, and I'm sure you will find this weird because I certainly do, I found this crisp reminded me of new shoes.

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