Thursday, 11 August 2016

Walkers Doritos Ultimate Cheeseburger

This was the very last packet of Doritos Ultimate Cheeseburger left in my local Tesco. But obviously I had to buy them. I mean, cheeseburger flavour....
And what we have here is a pretty damn good crispy snack. Now normally I'm not crazy for Doritos. They're OK, but I find that the flavour of corn chips can over take the flavour you thought you bought them for.

Not here. Tall taste tester said they tasted heavenly. A bit strong he said, a very strong flavour, and then he said "but you can't get too much of heaven, can you?" which is a pretty good accolade don't you think?

Good crunch, lovely golden colour and lots of tasty flavour dust. Very nice.

Dutch taste tester liked them a lot although she thought she'd like the flavour better in a crinkle cut crisp, I liked them too and I know what she means, as did Noble Friend but she is on a sensible diet as she has a grand wedding to attend next month. Amazingly she confined herself to one. The reluctant taste testers have plans to lay in another packet for after the wedding as a treat for her (if we can find one). I know she would have more than one otherwise.

Now the thing about this packet of Doritos is the competition. You are supposed to try these in opposition to a packet (white, and labelled A) of Spicy Salsa Doritos and then vote to destroy the flavour you like less. One must be destroyed and never seen again. Choose which one you'd destroy and tell us your bold idea of how to do it.... says the packet. And here's how. But hurry because the completion ends on 4th September and there's £20,000.00 to be won.
This packet also has a handsome little guy throwing away his rubbish responsibly. I don't think I have noticed him before. Why is he standing on the bin?

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