Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ruffles Chili Cheese / Chili et Fromage

My very first Canadian crisps!

Brought home from British Columbia by the Ski Instructor, who has come to stay for a couple of weeks, these crisps are a little bit broken... but it's difficult to fly with crisps. Unless, as the Ski Instructor put it, you are prepared to sit the packet on your fold down table for the entire flight (not really feasible), crisps are likely to get a little crushed.

Now why has no-one invented a light weight but rigid crisp-packet protector for bringing your foreign crisps and crispy snacks home? I'm lucky: I often fly home from Switzerland to get back to work and the Chef drives home in more leisurely fashion with a pile of crisps in the boot. The cavity under the boot which used to be the home of the spare wheel (I gather no-one has a spare wheel these days) is a fine storage space for crushable items like crisps.

Anyway, slightly crushed or no, these crinkle cut crisps are rather tasty. In fact, fairly yum. And I am selfishly eating them on a Sunday morning so it seems the reluctant taste testers are unlikely to get a look it.

I read that on the packet this is a Limited Time Offer. Does that mean the flavour is a limited edition? The Ski Instructor confirms that this is indeed the case. And a little online research shows me that Chili Cheese is not a regular flavour and without trying any of the other flavours (I guess I need to visit Canada), I want to know why?

Could be all Canadian Ruffles flavours are fabulous so it's hard to add a new one (I guess I need to visit Canada).

Nice little ridges/crinkles, lots of flavour dust, rich orange colour and a nice crunch. Slightly unnerving that the packet says simulated flavour. Perhaps this is Canadian packaging law. But although in the UK increasing numbers of crisps appear to be made from more natural ingredients than you might suppose, there are still plenty of crispy snacks that are made of mostly maltodextrin and MSG. But they do taste good.

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