Saturday, 27 August 2016

7Days Bake Rolls Mushrooms & Cream

A new flavour for the reluctant taste testers from the ever popular Bulgarian manufacturer of crispy snacks 7Days. We rather like Bake Rolls and were pleased to try this mushroom & cream flavour. Although the Senior taste tester has once more registered his displeasure because this is not a crisp. No! It's a crispy snack. And none the worse for that.

Tall taste tester found this packet in his corner shop which used to sell fish and reptiles. And pet food. And he said he really liked this flavour and recommended it to us.

Well, it seems that most of the taste testers rather enjoyed this flavour. Mushrooms on toast suggested Dutch taste tester. She says she likes the taste of mushrooms but not always the texture (I know what she means; they can be a bit flabby or slimy sometimes) but this crunchy mushroom flavour gives you the taste without the flab.

Even Senior Archive taste tester, an occasional visitor, was pleased to approve this crispy snack which she had never seen before. A convert perhaps?

For myself, I couldn't work out why I wasn't so keen as everyone else. And then I read the list of ingredients. Celery. And once I knew there was celery in the flavour I could taste it and smell it. And you know I cannot tolerate celery. But that's just me.

So you might really enjoy this flavour. Bake Rolls generally are very good with a great crunch. A top quality product.

Once again, who knew Bulgaria produced such tasty crispy snacks? Mind you, perhaps the Bulgarians feel the same about the British.

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