Sunday, 14 August 2016

Walkers Sensations Crispy Thins Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle

New from Walkers these really fine Crispy Thins are really crispy. And really thin. And because they're so crispy and thin they do suffer from quite a lot of breakages. Which is a shame because you ought to get a packet full of thin and crispy squares, and you don't.

As I have had to say quite often over the last 590 odd posts, breakages do not affect the flavour. However, they do affect how you feel about a crispy snack and I would hesitate to serve these little biscuitty snacks at a party. Thin and crispy is a great texture but I think I would be happy with not-quite-so thin and crispy if you got more squares and fewer small broken bits. Or perhaps there is scope to change the packaging, which although it features a gusset at the bottom, does not seem to offer much protection?

I'm not sure this crispy snack is really for me. Some of the reluctant taste testers liked the flavour a lot, but I don't really like the deep smoky flavour of chipotle chilli or the spicy sweetness and the lingering heat of paprika. Sorry Walkers. My tastebuds were not seduced.

Disappointingly although this crispy snack is made by Walkers it features only the most generic of little guys throwing his rubbish away responsibly. You know how Walkers have a different little guy for all their different crispy snacks? OK, well regular readers may have noticed my obsession with this subject. Will Walkers read my post and do something about this? I wish. But somehow I doubt it!

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