Saturday, 20 August 2016

Beigel & Beigel Falafel Flavour Snack

The other day Noble Friend went to one of the local kosher supermarkets in search of smoked salmon. And in said kosher supermarket she discovered a whole wall of exciting kosher and Israeli crispy snacks the reluctant taste testers and I have yet to try. Amazing!

And nobly Noble Friend took me by the hand on a thrilling excursion to the kosher supermarket. A journey of exploration. It's only 10 minutes walk from work but, well, it's a whole nother experience from the supermarkets I usually shop at.

Wow! Well worth battling the mystery labels in Hebrew lettering. I came away with a bagful of crispy purchases, and here's the first one we have tried. 
I had to ask Giraffe Fan taste tester to help me out here as I neither speak nor read Hebrew. And it turns out that she knows more than she admits to. I took her rough translations to google translate and translated them back and forth between English and Hebrew. And lo! it turns out that we were trying falafel flavour snacks. OK, that was written in English, but the name of the maker wasn't.
Really falafelly. I liked the taste a lot, as did a number of the reluctant taste testers. And I love the shape. These little puffed flower shapes are like nothing I have seen before. What a handsome design for a crispy snack. And we have at least 3 more flavours to try.

If you fancy trying a mystery kosher snack, check out your local kosher supermarket. You never know what exciting treats you may discover.

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