Friday, 5 August 2016

Walkers Bugles Southern Style BBQ

Well now, here's a thing. Walkers, that's the UK version of Lay's, have suddenly produced a bugle style crispy snack for the first time (so far as I know).

Previously I have tried bugles from France and the Netherlands and Spain. And found them tasty and popular with the reluctant taste testers. We wondered why can't you get bugle crispy snacks in the UK? Because there doesn't seem any good reason. But now you can. And here's the first packet I have found.

Here's an amazing review on YouTube of Walkers Bugles which you might enjoy! Thanks to Charlie Fleming for this. I like the way he eats the whole time he is reviewing this crispy snack. I have included this review even though Charlie tries the two flavours I have yet to find - but I may never see them to buy. You just can't tell.

Fun shape! Tasty crunch! says the packet. Check out what Charlie has to say about that.

I confess I was surprised that the new Walkers commercial shows people sticking bugles on the end of their fingers and then waggling their fingers about.  Here's a link.  And here's what The Grocer has to say.

But the point is that European bugles are usually squashed rather flat. So you can't stick them on the ends of your fingers. Turns out most Walkers bugles are squashed too. As Charlie points out "looks like someone sat on them".

Oh, and you know how important it is to dispose of your rubbish responsibly? Well, here's another great example of the little guy on the back of the packet.

Well done Walkers! I really love the way they create a new design for each different shape of crispy snack.

And why don't other companies redesign this little guy? Minimal effort, maximum effect on the crisp buying public, why would you not? OK some do (and good for them) but a lot of crisp manufacturers don't even add this symbol. I don't know why not because I don't know enough (anything) about the law that governs food packaging.

And if you're worried you may not actually be able to fit these bugles on the end of your fingers à la Gary Lineker commercial, you can built them into towers instead. As demonstrated by the Chef.

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