Wednesday, 24 August 2016

M&S Red Pepper Pitta Chips

So somebody or other bought a packet of M&S Red Pepper Pitta Chips and left it in the kitchen at work. This was about 3 weeks ago. I asked everyone who owned the packet - not because I wanted to try (because I really dislike red peppers) but because I am nosy. And no-one admitted ownership.

However, this morning Tall taste tester said it might have been him. Sometimes he does his shopping, puts most of it into the fridge until home time, but leaves his crispy snacks (if any) on the side because let's be honest; you don't file your crispy snacks in a fridge.

Anyway, we thought we'd open the packet and apologise to the real owner should they ever come forward. Seriously, it's a small office: I think everyone has had the chance to claim ownership if they wanted to.

Here's the interesting thing: I really don't like pitta chips, and I actively dislike red peppers, but I really rather enjoyed this crispy snack. They almost qualify for a yum!

My photograph somehow fails to show just exactly how fabulously red these pitta chips are, and I don't think the pack shot does them justice either. A hard crunch as always with pitta chips, and a very tasty covering of red pepper flavour dust.

A lot better than I expected so (given my prejudices) you might enjoy them a lot.

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