Sunday, 21 August 2016

Burton's Daily Fish'n'Chips Brown Sauce

Noble Friend spotted this little packet of crispy fish and chip shaped snacks and thought.... hmm,, I don't think we're tried this flavour. And she was right. We haven't.

And, erm, well..... well I'm not quite sure what to say. These little biscuitty snacks are always rather sweet. The biscuits are sweet before you add any flavour. Or so it seems. And the Brown Sauce flavour is sweet and fruity and vinegary. What you end up with smells irresistibly of mince pies. And pretty much taste of mince pies too.

For those not in the know you make a little pie crust and fill it with mincemeat and eat it at Christmas. It's a traditional Christmas delicacy in the UK. In the olden days mince pies were made with meat: hence mincemeat. I guess as Christmas is in the middle of winter all the spices and fruits like cinnamon and raisins and grated apples were a way of disguising the taste of the meat which probably wasn't very fresh. Now of course we have freezers, and can feed more livestock through the winter, so we have access to fresh meat at any time of year.... and although a proper mince pie recipe should include suet, you can also find vegetarian versions.

Never had a mince pie? Not had the chance to try this crispy snack? Let me help you to a mince pie recipe. This is a vegetarian recipe for mince pies from Mary Berry, but here's one that's more traditional from BBC Good Food.

So to me, this crispy snack tasted and smelled so much of a mince pie I could hardly credit it. Interesting. But I should point out I have never tried Brown Sauce. So I don't know what it tastes of, but here's a Wiki page to help me out.

From the packet it looks as though Burton's have pitted the Brown Sauce flavour against a Red Sauce flavour. Perhaps. Because I can't find anything about this on the Burton's website. However, if I ever looked at Twitter....

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