Monday, 1 August 2016

Ital Food Bruschette Maretti Roasted Garlic

I'm not going to apologise for trying quite a lot of these Bruschette crispy snacks recently because they are rather good. Some of the flavours, of course are tastier than others (in the opinion of the reluctant taste testers), but that is natural. However, I think this Roasted Garlic flavour is incredibly tasty. Really very good indeed.

Lovely little fine cut crispy crunchy toasts, very salty, very garlicky and extremely good. The reluctant taste testers who tried this snack were impressed. Noble Friend wouldn't try because she said she doesn't like stinking of garlic all day (which I don't think she would have) and Tech taste tester somehow omitted to try. Maybe he doesn't fancy Bruschette; I must ask him, but he did say by the time he got to the snack bowl there was nothing left but crumbs.

And then I went home and praised this crispy snack to the Chef. He was a bit miffed he had missed out so I had to go back for another packet. 

I think he likes this crispy snack. I certainly do.

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