Saturday, 6 August 2016

Kolak Hot & Spicy Crisps Black Pepper Flavour

This was a gift from the crisp fairy (probably Tall Elegant taste tester) and thank you, thank you, because I liked this little packet of crisps a lot. Only 25g but a whole lot of flavour.

Tall taste tester was very quick to judge; he said this crisp didn't taste of much. I said wait for the after taste. He said it's just salty. I said wait for the after taste. He said he wasn't that impressed. I said wait for the after taste. Tall taste tester suddenly said oh yes; there was an impressive after taste of pepper. I think he was impressed.

If you try this crisp give it a chance. The first crisp isn't very tasty, but the more you have the more you taste. And the taste is simple but great. Very nice indeed.
And... yes, two in one week, another little guy throwing away his rubbish responsibly! Rather a charming design I thought.

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