Monday, 29 August 2016

Ha'emek Snacks Bugsy BBQ Wheat Snack

A second weird crispy snack in a tiny packet from Ha'emek Snacks about which I can find nothing helpful online beyond a few blog posts.

And this time Bugsy, (I assume it is Bugsy leaping about the packet) looks not so much like Buddy Holly as Chris Evans. This is not enticing for me. And truly I find crispy snacks with cartoon characters on the packet are quite off-putting. But it's a product aimed at children so I should stop moaning and get on with the taste testing.

Well, I never could bring myself to fancy Wheat Crunchies but I know lots of people enjoy them. So if you are one of those people, I think these little BBQ flavour wheat snacks will probably please you too.

Not very BBQ-y, and quite a lot of breakages in this tiny packet - which wasn't very impressive. People, even the reluctant taste testers, are reluctant to eat broken bits where the shape is an important part of the snack. I thought the mouth-feel was slightly greasy.

Not really for me, but that has never stopped anyone else!

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