Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chio Jumpys Sunny Paprika

Sunny paprika flavour Jumpys anyone? 

Yes, this really is a kangaroo-shaped potato snack. I thought I was getting small flat kangaroo-shaped biscuity things. But no. This is a reconstituted potato thingummy in the style of a quaver or a cheesey whatsit. They are very small and 3D, and weirdly look more like a breakfast cereal than a savoury snack. 

The flavour, alleged to be "sunny paprika" (what makes the paprika sunny exactly I'm not certain) is quite tasty. In a sort of a way. Quite more-ish I suppose but nothing exciting. And they do kind of grow on you. Actually, as these are a German product I really don't know why the paprika should be sunny. Maybe snacks just come in English. Although, they are "knusprigkeit" which means crispy or crunchy (don't get back to me on incorrect use of German please: I gave it up to do Ancient Greek) which is massively important in the modern snack.

But the Jumpy is so tiny you have to eat loads more than you normally would in order to feel the benefit. Perhaps it's a cunning plan to use up calories moving your hand endlessly from packet to mouth and thus luring you into believing that Jumpys aren't as bad for you as they probably are. 

Would I buy them again? Not sure. Maybe. They might work well for little children who are allowed salty snacks. But put it like this: I didn't finish the packet. Verdict? Meh.
Two little Jumpys with the Chef's watch. 
A whole load of Jumpys
Chio has a very thrilling all singing all dancing website but sadly mostly in German so it doesn't mean much to me. The French version of the website seems to be rather different. I couldn't find any of the pages I'd been looking at in German but, you know, maybe I didn't look hard enough.

Jumpys update: it turns out that the rest of the family is rather more enthusiastic about Jumpys than I am. After I came home from Switzerland the Chef carried on eating them but left the unfinished bag on a table. Then I got a phone call from my brother-in-law who was staying in the flat with his family: they'd found a bag of miniature kangaroos. Could they finish them and where could they buy more?

Obviously I am quite wrong and Jumpys are far more exciting a snack than I thought. Maybe I should give them another try.

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  1. Hey here are two real Jumpys-Fans from germany ! next time try the "funny frisch" "jumpys" ... dare to insult my lil kangooos again brada