Monday, 14 July 2014

San Carlo Virtual Coni di Mais dal Gusto Deciso

Sounds glamorous doesn't it? But what does it mean? Basically, according to Google Translate, it means San Carlo crisps (we knew that), in a style mysteriously called "virtual" (meaning "virtual"), and the flavour is corn flavour cones.

Corn flavour cones? Well, maize flavour cones. Which is interesting because the flavour is a little bit barbecue (sorry, obviously that should be BBQ) and not really very maize. Or that's the aroma when the packet is opened. But the cones bit is right. Slightly ridgy cones of extruded maize crunchiness.

In the list of ingredients (under the heading "Snack di Mais") we have the giveaway aroma di affumicatura: smoky flavour. Well, yes, But why hide the flavour away in the small print?
Maybe Italians expect virtual crispy snacks to taste smoky. Who knows? Obviously not me. The flavour seems to be a mix of "smoky flavour", salt, sugar, paprika, mustard and rosemary. But what you get is a quite tasty mild BBQ taste.

Since 1936, San Carlo crisps have been singing the same song, genuine as ever and always fresh says the website , but isn't at all helpful as to why these crispy snacks are called virtual. But then if you take a look at the list of their other snacks they are called dixi, rodeo, cross and b.bacon. Well, if I ever get back to Italy again I will look out for dixi, rodeo et al. The cross snack (incredibilimente gustoso) looks rather fun; but I don't suppose I will ever discover why the San Carlo popcorn is called pony pop.

I tried these out on the reluctant taste testers at work, who are I have to say, a lot less reluctant than they used to be. Anyway, they rather enjoyed these softly BBQ flavoured cones. One tester said she was thrilled because they reminded her so much of the crispy snacks she ate so much of (so many of?) when she visited Thailand.

I thought these tasted OK but a little bit greasy. It seems everyone else liked them rather a lot.

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