Thursday, 10 July 2014

Market Deli Potato Chips with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Market Deli crisps come in a fancy cream and purple gussetted bag (the technical term is block-bottomed bag), with sharing suggestions: great paired with a crisp white wine and your favourite people
and tasting notes: discover the authentic flavours of Europe's finest markets and delis with these delicious deli potato chips, cut thicker and cooked for longer for that perfect bite. The delicate sweetness of aged "Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI", creates a rich, velvety and smooth flavour, that has to be tasted to be believed.
 Real ingredients, authentic taste it says on the peel and re-close sticker. Very nice too. But this does rather give the impression that other crisps are made with pretence ingredients. Which perhaps they are.

Market Deli is the new premium range of crisps and other crispy snacks from Walkers. The range was only launched in June this year so for once we are really at the forefront of crisp innovation. And while they are perfectly good potato chips (we usually say crisps in the UK but perhaps potato chip is thought to be more upmarket), I'm not sure they are particularly fabulous or different in any way.

Except the packaging which I really like. It feels really sturdy and looks smart. This packet has travelled to and fro to work several times this week by bus and car and feels just as good as ever. And not as crumpled as a normal packet would get. The crisps too have not suffered from all the travel. I think the packet definitely qualifies as upmarket.

In a blind tasting we thought they were crispy. "Not bad, I can taste the vinegar" said the chef. Well, yes, so can I. But although it's not malt vinegar I can taste I'm not convinced that I can taste Balsamic vinegar.  A good strong crunch, certainly thicker than the average Walkers crisp. Quite a lot of flavour dust. The packet doesn't say but it would be interesting to know whether these crisps are fried or baked. They seem fried to me.

And the lovely people at Walkers have again pimped the little man who encourages you to throw your rubbish away responsibly. The one on this packet is sporting a smart apron. It's not upmarket to chuck your rubbish just anywhere: use a bin.

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