Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Vico Saveur Chèvre Chaud & Miel

Normally speaking I would probably recommend a crisp from French crispy snack firm Vico. But this flavour is just a little bit weird.

For a start, not just goats cheese, but hot goats cheese. Now how can that be a flavour?

And we stumbled a bit here, because Tall Elegant taste tester and Noble Friend, they don’t do goats cheese at all. Which seems a bit sweeping if you ask me because there’s all different kinds of cheese made with goats milk the same way there’s all sorts of different cheeses made with cows (or ewes) milk. Well, anyway.

And if you consulted me I wouldn’t add honey to a crisp flavour.  None of the reluctant taste testers were very impressed at this taste combination.

So not a success with us. Nice crinkle cut crisps though.

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