Sunday 27 October 2013

Space Raiders Spicy

Time to try another flavour from Space Raiders.  And another bag of crisps aimed at 8 year olds from the newsagent run by the amazingly cheerful man. Not much stock in just now: they're about to redecorate.

This time it's Spicy. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed the Pickled Onion flavour but the Spicy isn't quite so good. Very tasty, with a faint aroma of curry, good crunch, nice texture; nothing the matter with it at all and I was pushed not to eat them all at once. OK, I admit it, extremely tasty. Just not quite so good as the Pickled Onion.

I only noticed these "cosmic" corn snacks were faintly orangey brown when I read on the packet they are coloured with paprika extract and spice. What spice I don't know, and why paprika does not in this case qualify as a spice I don't know either. The flavour comes from soy sauce, curry powder, dried tomato, barley malt extract and barley malt vinegar.

Not much else to say really.
Good taste.
Not expensive (only 20p in case you missed the giant red strap across the top of the packet). Suitable for vegetarians.
Baked not fried.
Comes with advice on keeping fit; although the advice prints out at 10mm x 40mm (so very very small) it is a link to real website. Erm... but the health advice comes direct to you from United Biscuits who, guess what? make biscuits and snacks.
Oh well. You can't have everything.

18 January 2022 Update 
I just discovered there is a link to this page on Wikipedia! How surprising is that? Perhaps I am an internationally renowned food writer after all. Perhaps not.

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