Saturday, 9 November 2013

M&S Hand Cooked Port & Stilton

Port & Stilton flavour crisps?

I only picked these up because it was 2 bags (mix and match) for however much. So a slightly cheaper way to try two new flavours. But I don't like Stilton or any other blue cheese and I go out of my way to avoid Port. You see? Pickiness strikes again.

So anyway, I tried these with care. And in fact they are pretty good. I ate half a bag at my desk on Friday without even trying. Alex tried one and nodded approvingly (he doesn't say much). Great crunch, nice brown skin on the edge of each crisp, lots of tasty flavour dust, the crisps mostly holding their shape well until right at the bottom of the packet. Top quality. The potato variety is Lady Rosetta.

Pretty eau de nil colour for the packet: unusual. And a good design.

Looking at it all round the only thing I can fault is the fact that you can't recycle the packaging. Oh, and for some reason they aren't suitable for vegetarians. I can't quite see why not.

Except. Except for the flavour. These crisps don't taste of port or stilton. If you concentrate very very hard there's a very slight hint of a possibly stiltony taste somewhere in the background. Sort of. Kinda. Maybe. But I cannot detect any port at all.

I made Terry do a blind taste test and he couldn't detect any stilton or port either.

Marks & Spencer might do better marketing these as a mystery flavour.

5 out of 10 for a great crisp but failure on the flavour front.

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