Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Waitrose Tangy & Spicy Cheese and Chili Mix

Waitrose Tangy & Spicy is a mix of chili salsa corn strips (the rectangular ones), nacho and jalapeno flavour mini tortilla chips (the triangular ones), nacho cheese flavour bread bites (the bits of toast), and cheese flavour snack biscuits (6 different shapes of miniature biscuits). And they're all rather small. In fact the cheesy biscuits are tiny which is a shame because they're rather tasty.

Most of the packet seems to be mini tortilla chips. These are OK. A little bit spicy but not too much, a little bit cheesy. And unfortunately in most cases, a little bit broken. And I couldn't tell which were meant to be nacho and which were meant to be jalapeno. The flavour was tasty but not very distinct.

The chili salsa corn strips are OK too. A little bit more spicy. But nothing special and I wasn't mad keen on them.

The nacho cheese flavour bread bites (essentially miniature bits of toast) are good. I'm not so sure about the nacho cheese flavour; again there seems to be a generally slightly spicy, maybe garlicky yumminess but I couldn't really pin point what the taste really was. They reminded me a bit of Phileas Fogg Mignons Morceaux. Can you still get them? I must investigate. Anyway, good enough to make me search through the packet for more of these. And there don't seem to be quite enough.

And then there are the teeny weeny little biscuits. Which taste great but are so small. I thought at first we had a heart, a diamond, a club... and looked in vain for a spade shape. Special biscuits for bridge perhaps? Apparently not. My theory about suits of playing cards was all wrong. So, we have a heart, a diamond, a trefoil (not a club at all), a triangle, an oval and a sort of oblong. All very tasty but all terribly teeny weeny. And again not quite enough of them.

This isn't a bad selection but there are far too many tortilla chips and not nearly enough of the bread bites (bread bites?? what kind of description is that?) and biscuits.

The bag was quite difficult to scan because it isn't the usual shape of crisp bag. It's not the flat package sealed at the back and then top and bottom, it's got a gussett. Or a sort of pleat at the sides. So that it's baggier than your usual bag. More like those brown bags that characters in US TV shows carry their lunch to work or school in. See Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 1. I don't remember Buffy ever even eating lunch in subsequent episodes much less bring in a packed lunch. Anyway, I cut the bag up wrong and then I couldn't get it to lie flat.

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