Sunday 24 November 2013

M&S Guilt Free Snacking Cheese Puffs

I don't know how you make this surprisingly tasty triangular cheesy snack out of potatoes but that'swhat it says on the pack. I guess you have to visit the factory (weirdly in Greece) to find out. And considering that the cheese in question is the delicious but mild Gouda from Holland it's interesting that they they taste so genuinely cheesy. In fact they taste more of cheese than most cheesy crispy snacks which tend to taste of how you think cheese might taste or ought to taste rather than how cheese actually does taste.

Confusing I know, but I have never come across cheese that tastes (for example) like Cheesy Wotsits or Quavers (both from Walkers). Which are great. And tasty. And I love them. But I don't eat any cheese that tastes like that.

However, I do eat cheese that tastes like this. I love Dutch cheese and I'm pretty sure I remember being taken to the traditional cheese fair at Alkmaar 40km North of Amsterdam when I was about six. I don't remember the place at all but I do just remember the cheese fair. Brilliant. Men in white with big hats carrying loads of cheeses on special cheese-carrying devices and piles of cheese all over the Square. Lucky thing Dutch cheeses come covered in wax.
So although the Alkmaar fair does not include Gouda (only locally made cheeses) I am sure you will be interested to know that they have a Cheese Museum, and a Cheese Market Magazine, and Alkmaar is well worth a visit.

Anyway, these cheesy snacks are shiny tasty triangular pillows. And the shininess makes them quite slippery and hard to pick up. You have to grab on to two corners or they slip from your fingers.

The thing they remind me of most is Oat Pillows from Quaker Oats. A great cereal I used to love but because they were pillow-shaped you don't get too many in a box and eventually my mother complained they were too expensive and wouldn't buy them for my any more. All many many years ago now. I think the cereal I remember is the same as Oat Pillows - if not it was very very similar.

© (he's a radio ham called Jan who lives in Alkmaar)
And now for the science bit: 100 calories per 22g pack (they come in multi-packs), no artificial colours or flavourings, suitable for vegetarians.

And the personal bit: I really like them. But stupidly I ate a whole multi-pack without taking a photograph of these crazy triangles. So next time I buy a bag I'll have to remember to add a photo. The packaging shows the shape absolutely, but the cartoon hand is far too small! OK - see below for photo.

And this is the 2015 packet. A bit different from 2 years ago.

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