Sunday, 17 November 2013

Propercorn Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn

I think I made a mistake trying these guilt free snacks (that's what they call themselves on the bag). Well, I don't get guilty when I eat crisps and cheesy snacks because I don't eat masses of sweets or biscuits. And I'm definitely not going to feel guilty about these because I'm not going to eat them.

When I opened the bag the smell was ice cream cone. You know, the thin crispy cornet thing. Why should popcorn smell of that?

I love salty popcorn, and butter is a great flavour too, and you can't beat yummy toffee popcorn. So why don't I like these?

They are far too oniony for me and there's a weird after-taste of washing up liquid. Which lasted ages! And I really wasn't sure I could detect the sour cream. So I'm not impressed.

Also, you know that at the top of the packet you get lots of fluffy white exploded corn but the more you eat the heavier, less exploded kernels with more of the hard bits of corn skin take over. And the hard bits of skin do stick at the back of your throat if you aren't careful. So I was unpleasantly surprised to find quite a lot of hard bits at the top of this packet. Maybe I'm being very picky (surely not?) or maybe the bag was stored upside down. But combined with a taste I wasn't keen on... well; it didn't help.

Anyway, I asked Ruth to try one to see if she agreed with me but she likes them. And she's going to take the packet home and finish them off. In fact, I think she said they had a road trip tonight and she was planning to take the despised popcorn as a snack. Well, it's good to know somebody likes it! I'll be interested to see if Sam likes it too.

So, here's the science bit: 89 calories per serving, high in fibre, wheat free (so I should hope), suitable for veggies. And made in Britain. With roasted onions as well as chives. And crème fraiche as well as sour cream. Hmn...

Well I'm sorry Cassandra; they aren't for me.

I quite like the green packet and the little drawing of chives and sour cream and the joined up writing like an old-fashioned Barbar book. But I don't think the green goes any too well with the photograph of popcorn.

Seems like a good idea but I'm not sure this flavour works for me. However, I gather that Ruth and Sam happily ate the rest of the packet while stuck in traffic on the M1 and no sinister after-taste. So that's just me then.

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