Monday, 11 November 2013

M&S Spooky Ghosts and Vampire Bats

Another fabulous offering for Halloween from Marks & Spencer. And also made in Denmark. Who knew the Danes had such an exotic crispy snack industry?

What great packaging! You can see the back of the pack through the see-through panel now which detracts a little from the Nosferatu style vampire and his scary little bat but nonetheless it's a great design. The back of the packet is all red except for the information panels.

And what yummy crisps.

These taste and feel a little bit like original flavour Pringles. A little bit finer, a little bit smoother in texture, and a great deal easier to get into your mouth. But a similar sort of saltiness. And a great deal of yum.

Before I started writing this blog (all set off by a rainy day in Switzerland and a crazy packet of Cheeseburger crisps picked up in a French motorway service station) I would never have bought these. And what a shame that would have been because I'd have seriously missed out.

Oh yes, and if I wasn't writing this I'd have never known there was a Spongebob Squarepants episode featuring Nosferatu. Of course there is! I see Spongebob mostly in French where he's memorably called Bob L'Eponge (Bob the Sponge) and I understand about one word in twenty because he talks so fast. But it doesn't make it any the less entertaining.

A little oddly both the ghosts and the bats have a face in the middle of the "body". But I guess that the actual area of crisp which could really have a face in it is too tiny. So face in the middle of the body it is.

Very tasty crisps and easy to eat half a packet a one sitting if you don't pay attention. Of course because these were a Halloween special they're no longer available which is a great shame. I'd buy these again.

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