Sunday, 1 May 2016

Too Good Kids Croque Monsieur

I didn't know what this packet of Croque Monsieur popped chips would normally look like. And I didn't imagine that it usually features Yoda... although, of course, you never know...

So I found this blog post about the Too Good Kids snacks. Sad that I missed the Dark Vader [sic] version. Yes, in case you didn't know, French for Darth Vader is Dark Vader. And while we are discussing French translations, the French for Bilbo and Frodo (Lord of the Rings) is Bilbon and Frodon.

Ahem, however, it seems that Too Good Kids snacks are always Star Wars themed. Interesting choice of flavours don't you think? Croque Monsieur (think ham and cheese toastie), Nature (French for ready salted) and Ketchup (French for ketchup).
When the bag is full of these popped chips Yoda's face looks fine (see the blog for this), but empty, and flattened out for ease of scanning, it looks a little odd with Yoda's ears apparently falling off the edge into the gusset. I suppose that's what happens when such big ears you have.

This popped crisp is surprisingly tasty, and the Croque Monsieur flavour is pretty well observed. Even though there is no ham involved here. And the Dutch taste tester, who is a major connoisseur of cheese toasties, was pleased to approve.

Too Good seems to be a French company but their chips are made in the UK.

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