Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Nim's Pineapple & Mango Fruit Crisps

Hmmnn..... Noble Friend picked up this little 22g packet of fruit crisps at a trade show or somewhere. 100% fruit it says on the packet. Air Dried Not Fried. And 80% pineapple, 20% mango.

They also describe themselves as Deliciously Healthy Award Winning Snacks. And, Certified by Vegan Society, and Partners with change 4 life which is a British government initiative trying to encourage us all to eat more healthily. Or perhaps less unhealthily.

This healthy snack seems to have been created by a health conscious mum called Nimisha (maybe known as Nim) who writes that she kept looking for healthy snacks but found that the healthier they were, the less taste they had. So she created a range of multi-award winning fruit snacks that are not only free from additives, preservatives or added sugar, but are also full of fibre, Vitamin C and intense natural flavours.

OK then. Well, we weren't that impressed. I picked a piece of pineapple which was quite tasty and seemed surprisingly juicy considering how dry the little bits of pineapple and mango were. But then I had another bit which didn't taste of much other than cardboard. And wasn't juicy at all. And that's pretty much the same story I got from the reluctant taste testers.

Plus, we couldn't quite decide if this strange crispy snack was pot pourri or crumbled water biscuit (or matzo). It may be madly healthy but it isn't very prepossessing.

This packet of fruit crisps tells us it is 1 of our 5 a day. But an office of 11 people failed to eat more than about half the packet. Once opened, eat immediately! Well we did our best.

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