Friday, 6 May 2016

Kent Crisps Smoked Chipotle Chilli

This is another packet of crisps from the cross channel ferry between Dover and Calais. You can find them at some supermarkets I'm told, but not at any supermarket I've been to. So I stocked up on the ferry. Much to the mystification of the staff.

A nice little 40g packet of crisps, lovely orange chilli colour, nice crunch, and a very attractive savoury chilli flavour. Not too hot and certainly not too sweet.

The reluctant taste testers took no time at all to polish off these crisps.

Very nice. And the packaging design is lovely too.

The crisps are made in Ramsgate in Kent, with chilli grown by a guy called Steve who farms chillis in Kent. Nice local product. Well... local if you live in Kent!

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