Monday, 2 May 2016

Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Apple

Tall Elegant taste tester went to Bath the other day for unspecified reasons, and when she was there she couldn't help but invest in this quite astonishingly pretty packet of Apple crisps.

Well, you would, wouldn't you?

I can't help but think that this Crunchy Apple crisp is aimed squarely at the 51% of the population that is womankind. But of course I could be wrong. It could be that 110% of men are mad for fetching floral and appley packaging. But I'm not sure about that.

And is the story on the back of the packet true? Did "starfruit-crossed lovers" Emily and Alex really discover an amazing method of making fruit crisps while travelling in the Orient? Did Alex really create this brand to please his Emily? And did he really name this product after Emily so he could see her name wherever he went?

If so he'd be disappointed in this part of London, because despite the firm being based in E8 (that's a London postcode) I don't think any of the reluctant taste testers (of North London) had seen this brand before.

The story about the amazing method of making fruit crisps in a vacuum may not be true, but the result really is pretty special. When you open the packet the crisps look just like a freshly chopped apple.

And the little slices of Apple are tasty. Plus, you don't get the feeling that despite choosing an apple crisp you are in fact noshing down a ton of sugar. Because there is no added sugar. Just Apple and vegetable oil.

Somehow this is a product you can eat slowly. Which has got to be a good thing because you aren't going to gorge yourself. Even if it is a healthy snack.

No Guilt. Just love.

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