Thursday, 19 May 2016

Jones o Gymru Halen Mon PDO Sea Salt & Vinegar

Yes, you've guessed: another tasty crisp from Jones o Gymru. And looking online for further information, I find that this flavour Halen Môn Sea Salt & Vinegar celebrates Anglesey-born Dr Tom Parry Jones who invented the electronic breathalyser. Which is definitely the fascinating fact for today.

Plus, get this.... you can Say it With a Spud if you contact Jones o Gymru. Yes, a special Welsh-grown potato with your very own message written on it in (what looks suspiciously like) biro can be mailed to the loved-one of your choice. A potato-gram! Whatever next?

Well, I guess that was a pretty fascinating fact too.

This is another 40g packet of very tasty crisps and not too much scary vinegar. So the reluctant taste testers liked them quite a lot and noshed them down in no time. Very nice.
I have read online that you can buy these crisps in Tesco. But possibly only in Tesco North Wales. I say North Wales, because the Chef's brother was in South Wales just the other day and searched diligently for a Welsh crisp for me to try. Which was extremely kind of him. And he found nothing. So, as I say, maybe North Wales only. But I daresay you may be able buy them online if you want to try.

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