Friday, 20 May 2016

Benenuts 3D's Bugles Goût Chèvre

This is one of the last packets of crisps left over from the grand tour of Europe earlier this year; another choice from the giant Carrefour outside Reims in Northern France. And yes, this bugle (or cone) shaped snack really does taste of goats cheese.

Of course goats cheese is not everyone's cheese of choice, but Giraffe Fan taste tester was amazingly enthusiastic. I said, next time you go to France just pop into a supermarket - we did. But sadly her next holiday is a family trip to Israel to visit her many uncles and aunts and cousins. Oh calamity! (does anyone else but me remember Robertson Hare in All Gas and Gaiters?) so she'll have to make do with Israeli crisps. But obviously could look out for Benenuts Bugles another time.

But no. It turns out that Giraffe Fan will be putting in an order with rels who are going to France this summer. I have emailed her the scan of the packet so they don't buy the wrong thing. And that would be unfortunate.

Some of the reluctant taste testers don't much care for goats cheese, and I have to say I felt that this crispy snack does really taste of goat's cheese. So some of them weren't mad keen. But some of them liked this crispy snack quite a lot.

Well, as I often point out, it's all about personal taste. If you are a fan of goat's cheese you really might like these crunchy bugles. Check out the local supermarché next time you are in France.

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