Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lay's Edition Hiver Fondue Savoyarde

Here's another crisp from the supermarché outside Reims. Fondue flavour.

Now, to me fondue is a Swiss dish. And Savoy is in France. So this is a French fondue; presumably because this is a French crisp. And by the way, how would your fondue work in the flat dish shown on the packet? It wouldn't, that's how. Because without any heat under the dish you'd have a solid lump of cheese and wine mixture in no time at all.

But I mustn't take the packaging design too seriously. If you take the fondue fork for scale then the crisps are ridiculously giant. Which they are not.

As usual with Lay's crisps (that's Walkers in disguise, first time UK reader) the crisps are a good size with a great crunch. And the flavour?

Cooked cheese, we thought. Not the kind of cheese you find in Cheese & Onion flavour, nothing at all like what you get in Cheesy Wotsits, but we thought it a passable representation of Cheese Fondue flavour.

The reluctant taste testers ate almost all of this quite large packet which I take to be a success. I saved a few to take home to the Chef. I confess he wasn't madly impressed, but he is somewhat of a connoisseur on the fondue front having spent a great deal of time in Switzerland. Plus we make our own in London.

Dutch taste tester is mad for cheese and following her encounter with these crisps was determined to take in a real fondue as soon as possible. Luckily there is a Swiss restaurant in Soho called St Moritz (don't skip the little movie) or she could simply come round to dinner with the Chef and me.

As these crisps were a special edition for winter (15/16) I do not know how long they are (or were) available to purchase.

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