Thursday, 5 May 2016

M&S Wiltshire Ham & Piccalilli Hand Cooked Crisps

One of the reluctant taste testers contributed this crisp. I think it was Tall Elegant taste tester but I confess I cannot remember exactly.

I don't think I would have chosen to try this crispy flavour under normal circumstances. I once tried a ham flavour crisp that was so disgusting I felt quite sick. That was a long time pre-blog but you know how the body remembers feeling ill after eating a particular food and puts you off trying it in future. Well, I should tell you straight away that these crisps are not disgusting.

But I remain a little dubious about ham as a flavour for crisps.

And then there's the piccalilli. Not a favourite pickle for me. I find the colour off putting and it's too mustardy for my taste. Anyhow, I had the feeling that Noble Friend and Tech taste tester might like these. And I think I was right. But Dutch taste tester (a big fan of piccalilli) was sorely disappointed because the piccalilli flavour was not flavourful enough for her. Well, sometimes you just can't win.

And if you don't know what piccalilli is, here's a recipe from River Cottage.

Nice big golden crisps with a good crunch. But perhaps the flavour is not for everyone.

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