Saturday, 28 May 2016

Rawlicious Food Co. Kale Chips Original Cheezy

Ooh dear. I hardly know what to say.

The packet says I'm absolutely probably the most tastiest Kale Chips there is and organic goodness and dried not baked. Why not try these? Craving more Rawlicious organic goodness?Try out our other tongue tingling flavours. Dee-Licious!

The other flavours of Kale Chips are Thai Chilli, Indian Spice and Double Pepper (that's red and yellow peppers not, say, black pepper and pink peppercorns.

Our Kale Chips. Jam-packed full of 100% natural loveliness and gluten and wheat-free (yay!) with no added stuff like flavourings or preservatives. Kale Chips are dehydrated slowly, not baked, so all that yummy organic goodness hangs around for maximum flavour and nutrition. Dee-Licious!

Well. Erm.... this all sounds like a jolly good idea and possibly the healthiest crispy snack ever. Unfortunately the reluctant taste testers and I are not trained to enjoy healthy snacks. And - how can I put it - we really didn't enjoy this.

I can only stress that this is these are only our personal opinions but I have to admit none of us enjoyed this crispy snack. We really didn't. And I wasn't really aware that these Kale Chips are flavoured with lemon and salt and pepper, and made with 25% cashew nuts. There is yeast in the recipe too but just how these ingredients equate to a flavour called Original Cheezy I don't know.

Very sorry, but it's the texture. Eating dehydrated kale is a little like trying to eat an autumn leaf.

And like the other kale crisps the reluctant taste testers and I have tried (see the Crispy Crunchy Snacks We Really Didn't Like sidebar) it looks awfully like deep fried nettles.

I'm not sure I have ever eaten kale as a vegetable. Although I have no rooted objection to trying it. I mean, I eat cabbage quite a lot; I buy it on purpose when the Chef is in the Alps (he pretty much sticks to a traditional red cabbage recipe at Christmas) but I don't feel that a cabbagey-style vegetable is totally suited to a new life as a crispy snack.

In case you fancy trying kale for the first time, here are some recipes from the Guardian website. Maybe freshly made Kale Crisps (the first recipe) are the way to go.
The packaging is kind of cardboardy and I had to fight my way in with a pair of scissors. Made in the UK but bought in Switzerland.

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