Tuesday 17 May 2016

Jones o Gymru Halen Môn PDO Sea Salt

Noble Friend went to Anglesey for the weekend and in the local Italian deli (where else?) she found these fabulous Welsh crisps. From Wales. And indeed, in Welsh.

What a lovely aroma of old fashioned properly hand cooked (hand fried) crisp. What a great flavour of oil and salt. And a great crunch. Simply delicious.

What a great crisp. Well done Noble Friend for bringing back a fabulous crispy snack to the reluctant taste testers of North London.

Halen Môn Sea Salt is harvested from the sea waters around the Isle of Anglesey. PDO means Protected Designation of Origin. In other words, you can't use this name for just any old sea salt. It has to come from Anglesey.
In Wales we are famous for our castles, choirs, beautiful natural landscapes and...yes... more than fair share of Atlantic rain says the packaging. Okay, so we might have to don our raincoats quite often, but it also means that we can grow world class potatoes. And you can read all this in Welsh if you want.

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