Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Jones o Gymru Y Ddraig Goch (Sweet Chili)

The fourth and final packet of Jones crisps brought back from Anglesey by Noble Friend. And we liked these too.

We thought these crisps had a very nice crunch, they looked good and they tasted fine. Not terribly sweet, not terribly chilli, not a lot like most Sweet Chilli crisps,  but pretty tasty.

Y Ddraig Goch means red dragon. Which might, I suppose, be Welsh for sweet chilli. So it's rather a shame that the little dragon on this handsome purple packet isn't red rather than purple.

Just as used to happen every time I took the maximum ten books out of the library when I lived in Cirencester, the first book I read (picked at random, obviously) turned out to be the best of the bunch, and the last book on the pile was the least good. And here we have the same syndrome. The reluctant taste testers and I liked all the Jones o Gymru crisps... but we liked the sea salt flavour which we tried first best. And we sort of liked this flavour the least.

Not that we didn't like the other three flavours. It's just that the wonderful plain Sea Salt flavour is sensational, and the others (in our opinion) are only very good. Which is hardly what you might call an only. And I suggest we liked this flavour "least" because we thought it the least exciting, the least individual and special, the least fabulous.

It seems a great shame that Madryn Foods (Jones o Gymru) only produce four flavours of crisp. The four flavours they make are so good I cannot help thinking that any further flavours would be fabulous too. We can only hope that they produce new flavours of crisp in the future.

If you would like to follow Jones o Gymru on twitter @MadrynFoods you might be surprised to find a good many of the tweets are in Welsh. Because this crisp comes from Welsh Wales.

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