Friday, 27 May 2016

Bret's Frites Goût Salés

Another of these slightly weird (but tasty) Frites from Bret's. We tried the Goût Crème Oignon before... oh, wait, it was the Chef and me in Switzerland who tried those. So the reluctant taste testers had not seen this style of crispy snack before - well, it's all cut into strips - you can't call it a crisp.

It isn't a crisp, it isn't one of those square extruded snacks masquerading as a chip (that's a french fry not a crisp), it's a flat strip of crispy potatoeyness (not sure that's a word). And it's quite tasty but also quite weird.

And it isn't so easy eating flat strips of crispy snack. You really have to concentrate to pick them up in smallish, largish (but not too greedy-looking) fingerfuls. Or one at a time. Maybe this uses up more calories than you might suppose and thus creates a healthier snack? Who knows.

However, the reluctant taste testers and I thought this quite a pleasant plain salted crispy snack. Somehow rather plainer than the rather fabulous packet design, but nonetheless an honest and tasty snack.

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