Thursday, 26 May 2016

Belin Les Super Z'Héros au Fromage

It feels weird for an English person to type "Z'Héro" so often but basically what we have here is a superhero of a crispy snack.

A crispy circle (a zero) of puffed maize snack. With a nice cheesy taste. Not fancy but tasty. The reluctant taste testers and I liked these zero-shaped crispy snacks. And Dutch taste tester and I enjoyed the play on language.

And this superhero snack feature four superheros. We have Commandant Z'Héro, Miss Z'Héro, Kid Z'Héro (Maître du Taï-Cheese) and Speed Z'Héro. Oof! That was exhausting. All these superheros and their accents.

I'm not convinced these are particularly efficient superheros. If you look at the packaging these crispy superheros seem to be suffering some unfortunate accidents. Luckily on the back of the packet they seem to be a little more successful.

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