Sunday, 29 May 2016

Real Namkeen Farali Chiwda Tikha Indian Traditional Snacks

I may have got the names of this traditional Indian snack in the wrong order. If so, I apologise.

It was recommended to me by the very nice man who runs the little newsagent at the bottom of the road. A couple of weeks ago he proudly showed me his new range of Indian snacks but when I came to choose one to buy, he wasn't there (it was (possibly the son) a younger man in charge that morning) so I couldn't ask which he would recommend for a delicate English palate.

I chose this packet because I recognised the word Tikha. Maybe that was a mistake because this is a pretty hot crispy snack.

It's also a slightly weird crispy snack. You get very very small little sticks of potato, plus peanuts, plus raisins. And it all tastes slightly of peanut curry... followed quickly by a very spicy taste. Very very spicy. The flavour seems to come from peanuts, sale, fennel, sesame seed, black salt (what is that?), turmeric, dried curry leaves.... and the wonderfully vague "spices and condiments". Could be anything then.

So what did we think? Well, most of the reluctant taste testers found this crispy snack difficult to eat because it is so tiny. I mean, really tiny. You find yourself picking up one tiny potato stick out of politeness and it lasts less than 10 seconds, so then you grab up a small handful but ow! that leaves you will a really hot mouthful. Decisions, decisions.

Tech taste tester tells me he thinks he is intolerant to chilli and found the taste REALLY hot. Tall taste tester said this crispy snack was the work of the devil. Why? He won't eat fruit and, oh no!, this packet includes raisins. Tall Elegant taste tester said she really didn't like it, but later admitted it had grown on her. I found the taste surprisingly peanutty, and then very hot.

I think perhaps we all have namby pamby English taste buds, oh except for Dutch taste tester.....

I must say, if you like this crispy snack you get a lot for your money. As everything is so small you get a lot crammed into this quite large bag which contains 400g (14.11 oz) of potatoey/peanutty goodness. Luckily it has an efficient snap shut feature to keep your snacks crispy.

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