Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Joe & Seph's French Goats Cheese & Malabar Black Pepper

Oh dear. It would be nice to say that the reluctant taste testers and I really enjoyed this popcorn. Only we didn't.

Some of us don't like goats cheese at all. Fair enough. Some of us thought the taste was strongly goats cheese (me) and some of us didn't. I must say I was pleased that this popcorn (unlike so much of the Joe & Seph range) did not feature the caramel starter flavour with the goats cheese on top. Remember the Cheese on Toast popcorn?

But it doesn't matter what you think about goats cheese if the texture of the popcorn isn't right. And it isn't. Or we didn't think so. 

You can see this popcorn won an award in 2012. Each to their own.

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