Saturday, 7 May 2016

Kent Crisps Oyster & Vinegar

Yup, another Kent Crisp. With a great image of beach huts on the packaging. Yes, we love the packaging.

But I'm not sure about the flavour. I didn't tell anyone what this crisp was because I was absolutely sure no-one would get it. And I was right. Most of the reluctant taste testers commented that these crisps were very vinegary. I confess I didn't notice this particularly. But none of them picked the actual flavour at all, apart (nearly) from History Graduate taste tester who suggested Fish & Chips.

Now, that's an idea. Fish & Chips crisps. Or in the US, Fish & Chips Chips. Or would that be Fish & French Fries Chips? Not such a good name in that case. And er, anyway, is Fish & Chips a thing in the USA? I don't know. And in case you weren't aware, Fish & Chips, or perhaps these days Fish'n'Chips is huge in the UK.

So... no-one thought of oyster as a flavour and I can't say I'm surprised. To be honest I tasted with a little trepidation (you know I don't eat fish) but to me the flavour was bread. Not unpleasant, but bread. And Tall Elegant taste tester said she saw what I meant.

I think we award this crisp a "could do better".

I wonder would these crisps taste more convincing if there weren't suitable for vegetarians? After all, an oyster is not a vegetable. So there aren't any oysters here.

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