Tuesday, 10 May 2016

M&S Chorizo & Red Pepper Tortillas

[Deep breath] And yet another crispy snack from those energetic guys at the Marks & Spencer crisp development department.

And a wonderful rich red they are. Reflecting, no doubt, the chorizo, smoked paprika and red peppers in the ingredients. Except there isn't any chorizo because these crisps are suitable for vegetarians.

Well, that's fine by me, because although I adore salami and eat far more of it than government recommendations would allow (processed meat is so bad for you they say), but I don't care much for chorizo.

I think this packet of tortilla chips was purchased by History Graduate taste tester. He doesn't cut open the packet in a careful "I'm going to scan this later" sort of a way. No; he rips them open any old how. So there's a rip in the packet although you may not notice it.

Why do you suppose M&S used an image of an old wooden door with an Apsley House green grill? Apsley House is the London house of the Duke of Wellington (known as Number 1 London) and the railings have always been painted a wonderful blue green now called SC329 Apsley House Railings.

Well, that may be useful information if you are looking for a great paint colour for your railings, and it doesn't help that I used to live in a flat with the front door and the railings painted this colour, but it also doesn't explain why the packaging department chose this image to illustrate these tortilla chips.
Image from patrickbaty.co.uk
Ah Well. Surprisingly tasty (even to me with the I don't like chorizo or red peppers attitude) and they seemed to be quite successful with both History Graduate and the rest of the taste testers. Not bad at all. And really, a gorgeous colour. Much richer than the packaging shows. Imagine these with guacamole.

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